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bringing seeds back from amsterdam to us

Cannabis, both in marijuana and hash form, almost always has a colorful name attached to each individual strain. The best and most scientific minds in the business are constantly coming up with new strains that contain more THC or flower in different colors or taste like something else familiar, so the varieties to choose from can seem infinite. When you are in one of the Amsterdam coffee shops you can test several of them to find the one you like best, both in flavor and the type of high you get.

I’ve never done it, so I have no experience myself, but I’d imagine that the more reputable seed banks must have a pretty good system of getting these things to their customers, or they’d be out of business in a hurry, or at least they’d refuse to even try a shipment.

The advantages of buying seeds at a bank in Amsterdam

Still, this isn’t something to be taken lightly, and you may even notice that the Customs people will emphasize the word SEEDS when they ask you if you’ve brought back any meat or weapons or radioactive materials or seeds and so forth.

If you go to a seed bank with a specific name in mind, there’s a good chance they’ll sell those exact seeds so you can theoretically grow the exact same stuff yourself. If you buy online it’s anyone’s guess what you’ll be getting, though the better sites do sell the same seeds so if you know the name already you are set.

Anecdotal evidence on this topic suggests that no one has ever been busted by receiving seeds in the mail. Even in the conservative US, people report that the worst that happens is you get a note in the mail saying an illegal shipment was intercepted and that the case is closed. Sometimes they may send the actual package along with the seeds gone and that note enclosed.

Put them in a baggie and place them in your sock underneath your arch, even when they x-ray your shoes you’ll be fine. Put them in a baggie and tape them under your sac. Buy a sovenoir from over there and stash them in it. Probably best to carry them on yourself or on carry on luggage.

It’s not illegal to mail seeds WITHIN the US. But when going “global”, like outside the US, it can be illegal. If it isn’t illegal, you will still have to fill out a Customs form.

How can I bring seeds to USA?

100% ok to bring seeds back mate. Seeds aren’t illegal at all, it’s what you do with them 😉 Absolutely fine – they are legal souvenirs until germinated.

Most of the plants are best shipped bare roots. . You can also wrap the top of the plant stems to avoid breakage. For shipping succulents and cacti make sure that they are not water recently before pulling them out. Semi-dry soil is better for shipping them.

Guidelines for shipping plants, fruits, vegetables and seeds For example, houseplants are allowed to enter as long as they are grown indoors (such as in a home or greenhouse), planted in sterile, commercial potting soil, free from pests, appear healthy, and will remain inside.

We accept all currencies. Please do not send us coins; someone might detect your money and take it for themselves.

Yes, absolutely. We do not keep any personal information about you except for the purpose of processing your order. The most discreet payment methods are cash and bitcoins/crypto.

We put a lot of time and effort in testing our seeds to make sure that you receive nothing less than premium quality seeds. We guarantee a high germination rate if you follow our instructions in the Grow Guide posted on the website. If you still did not have a good germination rate after following the instructions then please send the ungerminated seeds back to us for testing. Once we have received the ungerminated seeds we will send you a replacement.


Yes, we guarantee the arrival. We urge you to recheck the shipping address before placing your order as a free reshipment is only possible if we were provided the correct address in the original order. Sometimes packages are held in customs, so contact us after 31 business days of placing your order if your package hasn’t arrived.

Bank transfers on average are received within 2 business days, but can also take up to 5 business days. Keep in mind, if you have not added the order number it might take longer for us to connect the transfer to an order and approve it. we will update your order and you will receive a status update via email. We monitor this daily as soon as payment is received we will update your order and you will receive a status update via email.

If you make an online payment with your credit card, you will be asked to enter a verification code (an e-code, password or SMS code).

When you place your order, follow the payment instructions on your screen. A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your 3D Secure code (e-code, password or SMS code). Enter and press submit. Important: do not close the page or go back to the previous page, as this will cancel the payment. Wait until you have received a confirmation.