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In general, however, living in a state where marijuana is legal increases your chances of finding low-cost weed that still hits the mark in terms of quality.

Although it is possible to find high-quality marijuana at reasonable prices, you can’t expect to find top-end weed for bargain bucket prices. Strains containing high levels of THC and CBD won’t be cheap, nor will marijuana known for its fantastic smell or aesthetics.

What Factors Impact Marijuana Prices?

While taxation also has an impact on this factor, the main issue in location is supply and demand. As there is a significant level of demand in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles, prices will be higher than in areas of lower demand. However, if you’re a savvy bargain hunter, you might find a few stores with an enormous supply of weed and not enough customers, which is the case in many locations in Oregon.

Sadly, these taxes are the tip of the iceberg. Most states have additional fees that bring up the price. In Alaska, for example, growers must pay an extra $50 per ounce they grow. While California ‘only’ has a sales tax of 15%, its litany of extras means the overall rate is only slightly below that of Washington state, where the total tax is almost 50%!

At an average price of under $8 per gram, it is hard to go wrong with Northern Lights. You can purchase it for just $4 a gram in Eugene, Oregon, which is one of the best places in America to buy high-quality weed at knockdown prices. This strain is a cross of a Thai Sativa with an Afghani Indica.

After analyzing all of the strains in our database, we came up with a list of the best reasonably priced options. The criteria for our list included the following requirements:

These are all strains that are priced somewhat lower than other options on dispensary menus (both recreational and medical) across the country. Generally, solid mid-shelf strain options are priced at about $13 – $15 per gram, with prices occasionally creeping past $15 depending on the dispensary (although going above $15/gram won’t necessarily bring you more potent or higher-quality cannabis).

Price-Conscious Hybrids are Popular

According to our research, the best budget-friendly strains are:

The most popular varieties on this list are ones I’m sure you’ve heard of: White Widow, Chernobyl, Cherry Pie, and Pineapple Express all enjoy strong menu availability and a large number of user reviews. These varieties, like many of the other options we pulled, are hybrid strains, which is not terribly surprising. Pure strains can be hard to come by these days with the increasing availability of so many hybrid crosses. Jeremiah, our resident strain researcher and former budtender, argues that hybrid popularity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, pointing out that hybrids can breed fantastic combinations such as Cherry Pie, which, in his words, “encapsulates disparate elements in one helluva package.”

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly high-CBD strain, ACDC is the one most likely to leave you thunderstruck. It’s the lone CBD option on this list, indicating that it could be friendlier to your wallet than other higher-priced CBD-specific strains.

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