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autoflower outdoor australia

On both sides of the tropical line, things are pumping along now. Vegetation is in full swing and genetics are displaying themselves in leaf shape, aspect, silhouette, and growth pattern. Regular topping and pruning of large plants will stimulate verdant growth, as will tying, staking, or caging branches to open the whole plant to the sun.

• North
AVG day length: 11:45–12:13
AVG temp: 29°C


• North
AVG day length: 13:22–13:39
AVG temp: 34°C

• South
AVG day length: 13:59–14:08
AVG temp: 31°C

Around the full moon is an ideal time to germinate seeds. The urges of spring produce rapid early vegetative growth in infant plants. As the weather warms and the sun intensifies, plants respond with vigorous growth, and daily increases in volume can be observed. Well-maintained soil will have enough nutrients to ensure unhindered growth until the first application of beneficial amendments.

Blue Dream Autoflowering is an autoflowering cannabis plant whose origins testify to its abilities, as it comes from a Blue Dream and a Ruderalis.

Critical Purple offers delicious earthy, sweet, and woody flavors that are very moreish. Along with sedation that can put you into a deep, restful sleep, Critical Purple is known to reduce chronic pain, ease anxiety and stress, soothe nausea, and even reduce headaches and migraines.

Certain areas of the continent, such as Sydney, enjoy a beautiful Mediterranean-style climate all year round, averaging 340 sunny days a year. However, rainfall is scarce, so you’ll need to ensure your plants are well-watered. However, the temperature of these regions is almost perfect for growing cannabis – with average highs of 26℃ and a balmy low of 16℃.


Gorilla Glue Auto seeds will give you a beautiful, medium-sized cannabis plant. It grows into a bushy plant, and the production of large, well-compacted buds is focussed not just on its central stem but on all the secondary branches. She produces copious amounts of resin full of THC with a lovely, sweet scent.

Bruce Banner is an autoflowering cannabis strain that works equally well indoors and outdoors. It’s a smooth, satisfying grow for those with a bit of experience, delivering incredibly dense buds after a flowering time of around eight weeks. Don’t be afraid to use larger doses of fertilizer while growing to increase yields of up to 600 g per m/2 when grown outdoors.

Gorilla Glue Auto has a very pleasant and smooth taste and aroma, with hints of lemon, pine, sweet fruit and the Diesel variety. The effect is very strong cerebral/physical well-balanced, with great potency and a pleasantly long duration.

Gorilla Glue Auto is a fantastic Sativa Indica autoflower, vigorous, hardy, easy to grow, fast flowering and heavy yielding. No wonder it is one of the most popular autoflower strains in Australia.

10 female seeds of each

Automaria Feminised from Paradise Seeds
A fast flowering stoney plant of Ruderalis/Indica origin. This plant, as the name suggests, spontaneously starts making resinous flowers even in the middle of summer or indoors, no matter how many hours of light. These seeds guarantee a quick harvest, "instant satisfaction".

Hey guys i live in oz i just ordered these auto strains from planetskunk they are female seeds im going to growing outside under the sun anyone had experience shipping to australia from this store?

1 x Tundra® Auto Flowering & Feminized
1 x Automaria (Ruderalis)

will let you know when they arrive

Type: Ruderalis/Indica
Flowering time: 55-65 days, indoors and outdoors.
Yield: 350 gr per m2, outdoors 350 gr per plant
Effect /Buzz: stony, bodily, medical
Smell/Taste: Spicy with floral edge
THC: 9 – 12%
Qty: 10 Autoflowering feminised marijuana seeds
Seed Company: Paradise Seeds
Recommended for: Indoor or outdoor marijuana growing