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auto bloom

If you’re looking for the stealthiest possible way to grow, give micro-growing a go. The goal here is to keep plants as small as possible while still achieving a reasonable yield. It goes without saying that autoflower varieties are perfectly suited to this method.

Autoflower plants boast strong, sturdy, and resilient genetics. Cannabis ruderalis didn’t survive the throes of northern latitudes by chance. The subspecies is well equipped to deal with extreme temperatures and harsh weather.

Cultivators can also maximise yields by using the sea of green (SOG) technique. This method involves planting numerous autoflowers in close proximity and manipulating them to converge into one large, productive canopy.


Autoflower strains have a long list of advantages over photoperiod varieties. Their short life cycle attracts growers seeking prompt gratification, and their hardy nature makes them suitable for beginner cultivators and veterans alike.

Life Cycle: 8–9 weeks
Flowering Time:
5–6 weeks

Thanks to this adaptation, growers now enjoy the speedy growth of autoflowering genetics!

The ruderalis subspecies adapted to the cold and often harsh environments of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. These regions feature a considerably shorter growing season and colder temperatures.

Nutrient analysis

Suggested dosage

Key ingredients

Bloom AUTO is particularly effective in organic cultivation for auto strains when Grow AUTO has been used in the vegetative stage: this should provide all macro and micro nutrients as well as trace elements.

Organic Bat guano, Northern Atlantic kelp meal, sterilised Bone meal, mined Sulphate of potash, Dolomite Lime, Diatomaceous earth.

In this mix we’ve added a small amount of dolomite lime for additional calcium and magnesium plus diatomaceous earth to provide more silicon in your substrate to enhance K, P and Ca uptake and further improve yields.

As with our standard Bloom products, the phosphorous and potassium have been maximised via incorporating seaweed meal, bat guano, wheat bran and mined potassium sulphate, but this one has minimal amounts of bone meal.

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