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One last ‘IMO’ statement is that if I had to wager I’d say that if there were ‘any’ investigations that occurred solely on the basis of seed purchase, those all began with customs. not with the credit record.
Meaning that, even with the common knowledge that credit card companies, albeit indirectly, provide raw purchase data to various federal agencies which they in turn ‘mine’ for various patterns, the sheer volume inherently curtails investigative consideration of each and every instance without further corroborating data.
Basically the software used to parse mined data should, by nature, ‘alert/report’ using basically an algorithm, that among other things must (obviously) limit ‘false positives’ or minimally order the ‘alerts/reports’ in such a manner that only the most blatent and obvious ‘relationships’ would givien significant investigative effort.

Also IMO, it’s more important that the shipping address is not the place you grow. I don’t have anywhere to ship to other than my place so I just don’t do it at all (sigh. ).

If this is a personal thing where you are worried about another close friend/relative seeing the itemized bill, this all obviously is moot.

IMO, just go to a 7-11and get a money order and find a seed bank who accepts.

In other words, be careful as often as possible. Generally one or two things done without ‘420 best-practices’ in mind will not get you flagged so to speak, and considering the typical methods used when agencies mine the data for these relationships, I suggest that you should be safe once or twice but frankly, why even risk being in the system at all. Do everything you can to obfuscate what you purchase, who purchased it, where it will ‘end up’ etc etc ect.

The order from Attitude seed bank takes different time to reach different countries and also depends upon the speed of your country’s mailing services and even through the customs. They deliver within 1 to 4 days within the UK and 7 to 15 days outside the UK.

Attitude Seed Bank is a United Kingdom based seed bank, which ships around the world.

Brands, breeders, and the number of strains available on Attitude seed bank deserves merit. They have a whopping 2000+ strains available on their website. The collection of seeds includes seeds from Sensi Seeds, Seedsman Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Buddha seeds, Dutch Passion Seeds, Ministry of Cannabis, and from a lot of other brands. And, the list of brands and breeders is huge with 200+ names. You are very likely to find strains from your favorite brands in one place and can order them all together.

7. Can I pay with gift cards on Attitude Seed Bank?

However, with an abundance of variety, the chances of receiving something undesirable increases with various folds. And, with Attitude collection of seeds of different types and qualities, the customer’s knowledge regarding what they want becomes evident.

It is one of the most trusted and well-known names in the cannabis industry. It ships worldwide and has numerous payment options including bitcoins.

Yes, it is illegal to send seeds in the mail to the countries where possession, cultivation for professional and personal use, and consumption is prohibited. However, seeds as a souvenir, pet food, and other similar reasons are not illegal in many places and mail tends to go through without confiscation.

The service of Attitude Seed Bank is also par despite being one of the busiest with a lot of orders. Their collection is indisputable evidence of their service. They try to provide customers with every strain possible, and the collection is the result of the same.

How do I make sure I have sent the correct amount in my currency: Please use the currency converter on the top right of the shop, this will convert most currencies.

Are credit card transactions secure: Yes our website and payment system are secure and have a dedicated SSL 128 bit encrypted you will see a lock in the top right hand corner of the url address bar if you also go to the top right of the page and click file then properties then you will read “This page is encrypted”
Who do I make postal order: money orders and cheques out to: The Attitude
Where do we post these to:
*** We no longer accept personal, international cheques

Do we store card details: Never, Using Protx we never have access to your card details
What payment do you accept: We accept, Credit cards, postal orders, international money orders, cheques *** , prepaid visa cards, and cash

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