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are marijuana seeds legal in australia

The Sativa plant is often known for its ability to produce Sativa flowers.

They are named after the sand. Indica Genetics can be traced back to the hemp of the Indian subcontinent. Similar to theirs, Sativa.

Things to Consider When Growing Marijuana seeds in Australia

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best choice for indoor growers. These beautiful flowers at a set time without regard to light scheduling; Only ripen from seed until harvest in just60 days or 70 days. It’s amazing, cannabis!

The most important thing is that things can and will go wrong, no matter how well-planned. Do not despair if they do. There’s always the next time.

After a male cannabis plant pollinates the seeds, only female cannabis plants can produce them.

Update: GREAT NEWS! Meanwhile, ACT has legalized recreational marijuana use. It’s the first state to do so and should take effect Jan 2020.

Weed is the most frequently used illegal drug in Australia. Considering marijuana is so popular, many Australian cannabis lovers will be happy to hear that the law surrounding using and growing weed seems to be becoming more flexible. Using medical marijuana became legal in 2016, and it is only a matter of time before recreational use will follow suit.

Even now, most states don’t deal out hefty fines or prison sentences to those who use or grow cannabis in small doses. Yet, it is not always easy to get high quality marijuana for a good price. Some people are therefore considering growing their own.

Northern Territory

If you decide to grow your own cannabis, please only grow buds for your own consumption and not for selling weed or seeds to others. The law is not that flexible at this point.

Below you find more information on the restrictions for growing cannabis in each state.

Now, if you are planning to import some cannabis seeds, where do you buy them and which should you choose?

As you have been able to read, some Australian states condone the cultivation of a few cannabis plants, or are lenient with their penalties when you do so. In some cases, this applies to growing your plants outdoors only, not when you do so in artificial circumstances.

If the court decides that the offender intended to traffic the cannabis, the penalties are:

At present, only patients with a valid prescription are able to purchase and use medicinal cannabis. All cannabis must meet the requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Act too, and can only be legally obtained by a medical practitioner. As such, mailing the seeds into the country is illegal.

Is CBD legal in Australia?

Professor Robin Room highlighted the fact that problems caused by alcohol abuse are far more common than with cannabis. As a legal stimulant, alcohol is easy to obtain, which means high numbers of young people try it. Room put forward a suggestion of making decriminalising cannabis to give them an alternative, and perhaps less damaging option.

After this time, Australia’s early governments actively encouraged the cultivation of the plant, and cannabis was widely used across the country, both for recreational and medicinal purposes.

For example, in Victoria, the penalty is dependent on how much cannabis the offender is caught with. This is defined as: