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are autoflowers worth growing

Let’s face it. While legalization has made growing cannabis easier, not everyone is pro-pot. Even in legalized areas, you still need to practice discretion . Autoflowering seeds are the best way to achieve this.

After you see pistils, you’ll only have to wait for another 45 to 60 days before the bloom cycle is complete and your plants are ready to be harvested.

Autoflowering plants don’t rely on the amount of light available each day to enter the flowering stage. This independence means you can harvest outdoor-grown mature buds several times a year. How do you do it?

What Does “Autoflowering” Mean?

Autoflowering cannabis plants tend to be smaller than other cannabis plants, especially in comparison to sativa strains (indica tends to be shorter, regardless if they’re autoflowering or photoperiod flowering). In comparison to regular photoperiod flowering feminized cannabis, autoflowering strains are better able to fend off mold and pests. Read more details and benefits (along with some potential challenges) to growing autoflowering seeds below.

Choosing an autoflowering seed is just one of many ways to grow weed. In our opinion, there are more pros than cons, so we came up with 10 pros and 5 cons to get you started.

This smaller size makes autoflowering cannabis plants suitable for growing in confined spaces , such as a closet or on your balcony. Their compact size also makes it easier to look after. It’s simple – if your plant grows past six feet and you can’t see the top of it, it will be harder to manage. Autos, however, rarely exceed four feet, so it is easy to trim, train, or otherwise care for them during the different stages of their growth.

One way is to stagger your plants. Start a couple of plants a month or two before the rest. That way, you can harvest some plants while others are nearing maturity, and the harvest cycle continues.

If you've already got the seeds, they'll still grow and make buds for sure.

The auto-flowering strains will stay pretty small, which could be good depending on what you're looking for.

The cool thing about auto-flowering strains is you just give them 18 hours light and 6 hours dark the whole grow, instead of changing the lights to 12-12 halfway through the life cycle to induce flowering like with regular marijuana plants.

Q: I screwed up and ordered autoflowering seeds, is it a waste of time? This is my first serious grow… and I ordered northern lights autoflower and short rider, which seems like its an autoflower.

A: While there's nothing wrong with auto-flowering strains, it's important to get the strain you want. If you just ordered today, try emailing/calling the seed bank and tell them what happened.

I've order the wrong seeds by accident before, with Nirvana Seeds, and I just asked them to switch. With Nirvana Seeds, it wasn't a problem.

If these seeds are all you've got, it can't hurt to grow them and get a feel for growing.

Autos will flower oudoors right now can your blueberrys do that?
Can you harvest your bluebery in 60 days?

I bought some autos to give me some quick smoke in my lil veg box 2x2x3, im dam glad I did. They grow up so fast its awsome an there size stays inside the box. The yield isnt huge , but just thinking of growin a just a top of a plant.


Tell me what u think. 400w HPS btw.

I can grow a Ko kush 12/12 from seed to a hight of approx 18 inches. DEPENDING on how/if i train her and How/if I lst her.

Now IF. I ever did do an auto I would be intrested in a white russian , and they clain they have some that will winter over.