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amsterdam seed bank 20 free seeds

Free goodiebag filled with merch and extra promos when you order over €200 worth of cannabis seeds.

Free goodiebag with orders over €200

Expect free promo seeds, free goodiebags, free merchandise, discount deals, 1+1 and much much more.

Free King’s Juice 1-pack promo seed with every order!

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Free King’s Juice 1-pack promo seed from Green House Seeds with every cannabis seeds order on our webshop.

Order high quality cannabis seeds online.
1500+ strains available from 40+ seedbanks.
Fast and discrete worldwide shipping.

Barney’s Farm’s cannabis seeds always receive positive reviews, and even new cannabis growers praise their cannabis strains. However, their customer service quality is declining. Maybe they should get it right again, as young seed banks are growing so rapidly these days.

As a legendary cannabis seed producer, but not because of that, T.H.Seeds overslept on its success. They are always trying to create and discover new strains of cannabis, making a great contribution to the cannabis community not only in the Netherlands but also in the world.

#7 Barney’s Farm – Most competitively priced in the cannabis community

Furthermore, Royal Queen Seeds staff actually selects and checks the seeds daily to make sure the seeds are of the best quality when they reach the customers. Their customer service has also been positively rated. They are all quite enthusiastic and helpful every time the customer needs it.

With the ideal that the cannabis plant could do wonders, the safest cure that mankind has found, Soma has provided a wide range of quality cannabis strains to the Amsterdam cannabis community and more.

Green House Seeds Company laid its first foundation in Amsterdam in 1985 and they haven’t grown to this day. Green House Seeds Company is a name that goes beyond Amsterdam and they are also at the top of reviews on cannabis forums.

All our seeds are grown, improved, stabilized and feminized by the expert Spanish growers who work exclusively for Royal Queen Seeds!

The shop’s menu is perfect for its international vision. Due to their ever-growing popularity, feminized seeds are the most frequent item on the menu. Royal Queen Seeds, the shop’s own brand of seeds, are the most important and convenient on the market. You will, of course, also find well-known varieties such as White Widow and Northern Lights, but also the Spanish success, Critical, or the more traditional Dutch Amnesia Haze.

An international offer

As an extra service for the shop’s many customers, the Royal Queen Seeds Store has now decided to start selling its entire assortment online, as well. The easy-to-use website presents all the products available in the shop for online sales.

The Royal Queen Seeds Store is truly a must-see stop for seed buyers from all over the world. If you happen to be in the area, stop by for a visit and to chat with the qualified salespeople, one of whom speaks five languages! The European Seed Bank is not only the easiest seed shop to find in all Amsterdam. it is also definitely the most affordable.

The Royal Queen Seeds Store opened in the heart of Amsterdam a few years ago – a small but highly-specialised shop that has been full ever since it opened, not just because of its excellent location but also thanks to the varied and high-quality product assortment, not to mention its affordable prices. Having seen thousands of visitors and foreign tourists pass through its doors, the Royal Queen Seeds Store has become a point of reference for growers from all over Europe.