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amsterdam marijuana seeds review

Each strain has a full page of detailed information following a decent graph that includes THC levels, ideal climates, indoor and outdoor yields, heights, flowering time, and growing difficulty.

Let’s see what one of the satisfied customers of AMS has said on Trustpilot!

Variety of Strains Offered by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

AMS cares about the overall customer experience and works hard to resolve any issues that arise instantly.

Overall, most customers report AMS as having a responsive and considerate customer service team.

Given the vastness of seed varieties, Amsterdam Marijuana Cannabis seeds must be quite sure about their seeds, and they are for a good reason.

As mentioned above, AMS does guarantee their orders even if seized by customs so it would make sense that discretion is of the utmost importance to the company (simply from a money standpoint).

Joe has been growing marijuana for more than 20 years and has experience in all aspects of the cannabis industry.

Let’s take a quick look at how Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds compares to the many other seed banks I’ve reviewed

Where is Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds located?

According to AMS’ website, each order is packed as discreetly as possible. Packages are unmarked and show no signs of what’s inside.

Most negative reviews I found had to do with germination, though that can easily be affected by the method which the customer used.

AMS is based out of—you guessed it—Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ website categorizes strains so growers can easily find exactly what they’re looking for.

If you’re new to growing or just want to take it easy, Autoflowering strains are right for you. These seeds are on autopilot, they will grow automatically from sprout to flowering, so you won’t have to worry about triggering the flowering stage yourself.

Our feminized strains boast one of the highest germination rates in the industry! These quality strains seeds will provide strong plants with heavy yields and amazing genetics. All these seeds are feminized, meaning they will only grow female plants, which is what you need to get THC.

M.o.a.b – Mother Of All Buds ® Feminized Seeds

AMS is a supplier of strains for all levels of expertise. Whether you are an experienced grower or if you are just starting, we want to share our expertise with you. All that matters to us is your satisfaction. “Great to deal with, resolved a problem right away. Very satisfied with this company”, said Ron from Oregon.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been selling the best quality seeds for 25 years!

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