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Passengers calling from outside The Netherlands, dial +31 (0) 20 794 08 00.

AMS Airport also has 6 main runways.

Travel time from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam city center is about 25 minutes.
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Lost and Found

– Restaurants and cafeterias
– Shops
– Duty Free
– Massage Service
– VIP Services
– Baby Care Rooms
– Tax Refund
– ATMs
– Currency Exchange
– Xpress Spa
– Massages Service

Car Rental:
Renting a car in Amsterdam Airport is a good option if you plan to move around Amsterdam Area.
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: Lots of buses offer transportation from Amsterdam to places around. From the airport, it is available the famous Amsterdam Express Route (Bus 397).
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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport registered 71,706,999 passengers in 2019.

Last update: 5 August 2021, 18:34

Latest information on the coronavirus and Schiphol

Find the departure time of a flight at Schiphol, by entering the destination, flight number or airline. In the list of results, you will find the most current flight information of the departing flight you want to follow. You can search for departing flights up to 21 days in advance. Of course, the information about the departure time of a flight for today, is the most accurate. Good to know: all flights are definitively in our system only 48 hours in advance.

Current departure times at Schiphol