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afghanistan marijuana seeds

Recent archaeological evidence suggests that Proto-Indo-Europeans were most likely the first peoples to use cannabis for both medicinal and ritualistic purposes as far back as 30,000 years ago. This controversial theory predates ancient Chinese emperor Shen Nung and turns the idea that cannabis migrated from East to West on its head. Furthermore, evidence of carbonised cannabis seeds has been discovered in Romania that date back to the time of the Kurgans some 5,000 years ago.

Afghan cannabis genetics are the rock solid, green foundation of Cannabis Cup Champions past, present, and future. The rugged, pure-indica landrace strains of Afghanistan are believed to be the first cannabis to be consumed by mankind. Exactly when and by whom are still something of a mystery and the subject of a contentious debate.


If you want the motherload of oversized colas and beaster nugs, it’s got to be Critical. This green monster is beloved by commercial growers across Europe for good reason. Aside from her enormous 600g+/m² indoor yield and comparable per plant outdoor production, she is also uber potent. THC levels can come close to 20%. All this in just 7 weeks of flowering. Critical is a real deal heavy-hitter, infused with Afghan and Skunk genetics.

Cheese is the UK cannabis strain that took the world by storm and put the Skunk family back in the top-shelf modern marijuana class. Royal Cheese is the RQS re-birth of a legend. True to her Afghan origins, this heavy indica derived from Skunk #1 is a pedigree specimen. She Packs a balanced head-body high, unique Cheese aromas and flavours into a compact package.

Indoors, she can yield as much as 650g/m². Plants will climb to about 1.5m in height and ooze sticky buds. However, outdoors in good sunshine, Special Queen 1 can grow to a towering 4m stature and produce in excess of 500g per plant. Easy crop fat stash in 8 weeks or less of bloom with Special Queen 1.

Nobody kept the secret with Afghani x Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica. Looks like everyone came to the party here and what a party it is. This globally themed sativa dominant hybrid gives smokers a heightened sense of being with the cognitive focus of a chess master. All while delivering relaxation that melts pain away and seems to make everything right in the world.

Afghan marijuana seeds will grow well in both indoor and outdoor. By choosing to grow indoors you have much more control over the environment the plant is growing in. A minimum of one 150 watt high intensity sodium discharge lamp is recommended. Timing your lighting for sixteen to eighteen hours a day will give your plants ample time for photosynthesis through the seedling and vegetative state. Gradually bringing down the light exposure to a twelve on, twelve off split will trigger the flowering stage. In a short seven to ten weeks of flowering you will see large kola sized bright green buds on top and slightly smaller buds on the lateral branches. All will be coated in a beautiful creamy amber resin that sticks to your fingers like glue. Provided you pay appropriate attention to your plants you can expect over a pound of ripe cannabis flowers per plant at harvest time.

A true one of a kind flavor profile exists in this strain. The pungent, earthy aromas translate well to the taste buds and deliver an herbal, minty flavor that is followed by a sweet and creamy finish. The smoke is smooth and rarely overwhelms the lungs so smokers can really enjoy the subtle notes of flavor that come with lighting up a joint.


Curious about adding additional strains to your seed collection? The following strains are wonderful options if you are looking for something similar to Afghan, while also wanting to diversify benefits and traits.

Considering the lengthy history of the strain it has become a prominent parent to a great many of hybrids. Afghan Kush Fem being one of those. The sedative effects are as prominent as the body warming buzz that comes after just a couple puffs. The flavor is similar to hash but with subtle hints of sour fruit and an aroma to match. The difference comes in the growth though, Afghan Kush is known to reach impressive heights of up to three meters outdoors. Sadly, the yields are not as great, often coming in at under one pound when harvested.

Being a pure indica strain, smokers can expect a full-on body numbing buzz that will put you on the couch with a smile on your face. Make sure you have some snack food close at hand to avoid the unnecessary effort of leaving the couch. A sense of calm, uplifted euphoria envelopes the mind as stress dissipates and depression eases. Afghan is best enjoyed in the evening hours due to its sedative effects and it is also an excellent way to say goodbye to the day with a blissful night’s sleep.

When you are one of the originally cultivated cannabis strains you don’t need a nickname. That being said, Afghan is actually the modern moniker the strain goes by. Originally known as Afghani, the “i” has been dropped, most likely because the strain has become so ingrained in cannabis culture it has earned its own slang terminology.

As one of the best Indica strains on the planet, Afghan makes loyal fans of all who smoke it. One of the reasons this plant promotes calming properties in the body and mind is due to its Myrcene content. This terpene is also what gives Afghan a sweet flavour and taste. The body buzz is reminiscent of still waters, while the heady effects are blissful and euphoric.

Afghan has a sensational appearance. The fat, dense buds are covered in hairs and a mind-blowing number of frosty trichomes. Its heavy resin production is the reason it creates a deep and heavy stone. This strain is divinely aromatic with sweet, earthy notes. It’s impossible not to smile with joy when inhaling this perfect plant specimen.

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Strain Effects

Since Afghan is an Indica thoroughbred, users get full-body coverage, creating one intense high. But, it’s not just a strain that puts you on the couch, it goes even deeper by acting as a potent sleep aid. Because of its ability to help with sleep, those with insomnia love and rely on Afghan for these specific effects. Besides insomnia, this strain works to lower stress, pain, and depression. It gets the body into a state of relaxed euphoria while quieting the mind.

This plant produces excellent yields and has a high resistance to molds and pests. It’s a tough strain because it had to adapt to the harsh conditions of the Afghan mountains. The ease of cultivating this plan is a huge perk for those who don’t have a lot of growing experience. It grows equally well outdoors and indoors. Because of its Indica genetics, the plants don’t get very tall and they tend to stay busy and compact. The average flowering time is somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks. Harvest usually occurs around late September, and yields come in at 450 to 600 grams per M2.

As the name suggests, the Afghan strain is, in fact, indigenous to the foothills of the Afghanistan mountains. Westerners came across it during the ‘hippie trail’ days of the 1960s and 1970s. The travelers consumed this cannabis strain and then brought the seeds back with them to grow in America and Europe. It’s a 100% pure Indica strain with moderate THC levels around 16 to 17%.

The earthy and sweet tasting notes of Afghan are dominant in this strain. Yet, as you continue to smoke your joint or take hits from the pipe, you’ll notice spicy hints that manifest as cinnamon and incense. Also, it has a hash-like smoke, that’s strong and lingering.